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Browse the web—from your couch!

With the Streamzap PC Remote and the Opera web browser, you can get the latest news, weather, and sports scores from your favorite web site without leaving your couch.

You can control the following functions of the Opera browser with your remote:

Zoom in and out

Use the channel + and channel - buttons on the remote to control Opera's zoom feature. This will allow you to increase the size images and text on a web site so they're large enough to read from across the room.!

Opera's text-zoom

Scroll up and down

Use the fast-forward and rewind buttons to scroll up and down the page with the Streamzap PC Remote.

Navigate link to link

Use the arrow buttons on the remote to scroll through the links on the page, and use the Ok button to click on a link.

link navigation

Go Forward and Back

Use the next track and previous track buttons on the to go forward and backward through the pages you've recently visited. They work just like the forward and back buttons on the browser.

Load favorites with the press of a button

You can configure the PC Remote's macro buttons to load web sites with the click of a button.