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Control Your PowerPoint Presentations

When you have an important presentation, you don't want to be chained to the PC the entire time. With a Streamzap PC Remote, you have the freedom to interact with your audience and to control your PowerPoint slideshow from anywhere in the room!

Using the Streamzap PC Remote, you can press the Play button to start your slideshow, and then use the arrow buttons to move between slides as shown in the images below.

Press play to start your
	  slideshow Example Slide #1 Use the arrow keys to move
	  between slides Example Slide #2

Find Slides Instantly

Press the Menu button on the remote to view your slides in Slide Sorter mode, then navigate to the slide you want to display by using the arrow buttons.

Example slides in Slide Sorter mode

You can also use the number buttons to jump directly to a slide! Simply enter a slide number and then press the Ok button on the remote!