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What Our Customers Have to Say

This is by far the best invention for a PC in a long time... thank you for making such a wonderful product.

—Jack, Texas, USA

I'm truly impressed by your product—one of the few things I've bought for my media PC that actually does what it says on the tin, and does it well!

—Rob, UK

The remote works as stated and it is the only one on the market that I can find that works. I love it.

—B.J., USA

Nice to see a company so responsive to it's users. I have nothing but praise for the remote when I talk about it with others.

—Bob, Canada

I am a StreamZap user and absolutely LOVE my remote!

—Sudipto, USA

I built a 200 gig HTPC to serve SPDIF music to $22,000 worth of high end two channel audio equipment. Yes, twenty-two thousand in the stereo. The forty dollars to Streamzap was the most important and satisfying accessory in the entire system. THANK YOU!

—Rg, USA

I really enjoy your product and I tell everybody you must have it.

—Robert, Canada

I love the remote! My media center is now complete :-)

—Mitch, USA

The remote is truly an impressive product.

—jloyd, UK

I have to say I love your product. It works really well, and I'm very impressed with your support.

—Andrew, USA

I love your product and am extremely happy with my purchase... thanks again for the great product!

—Rob, USA marks for the best PC remote control I have used :-)

—Graham, UK

Thanks for making the best value remote control available to this day.

—Sev, USA

WOW!!!! Amazing service. I'm really impressed with the responsiveness in dealing with my issue—you guys will go a long way. I am forever a Streamzap evangelist!

—Wesley, Australia

I just got my remote and I love it. Just what I was looking for. Pretty basic and straight-forward. Up and running within a couple of minutes.

—David, Georgia, USA

First off, great product! Very cool! Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

—Jason, USA

I got a Streamzap remote for Christmas, and I LOVE it!

—Shaun, USA

Fantastic! Great to have such a responsive supplier—that's what I call customer service.

—Mike, USA

It met my expectations and then some... the quality of the product is very impressive, keep up the good work.

—David, Pennsylvania, USA

This thing is the best thing I've got for my computer under $50!

—Lew, Utah, USA

I've just purchased a Streamzap remote, and I've got to say this thing is absolutely fantastic! :)

—Michal R., USA

I'm using your remote for a while now, and it is great. I'm using my PC as a DVD and music player and with the remote it's great, especially with the new software upgrade.

—Lior, Ashkelon, Israel

Just thought I'd let you know that I love the remote and it is just as good as you could hope. Sometimes you worry about buying something after clicking an advert—don't! DVDs are far more enjoyable now.

—Gavin, Brighton & Hove, England

Just bought your remote, and it satisfies my every need. Especially with the new functions such as alt-tab and mouse mode.

—Christian A., Denmark

I have wanted a Streamzap for a while... my brother got me one for my birthday and I love it!

—Zach P., USA

Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I'm in the software business, and I can tell you, you don't see this level of support very often. This is a great product... keep up the great work on the product and support.

—Wayne, California, USA

I have just purchased one of your remotes. I love it, it does everything for my mp3s, DVD, and CD player.

—Dominic, Michigan, USA

I received my remote today and I've talked my roommates into getting one as well. I did a whole demonstration with it and they were impressed.

—Joey, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Your product was EXACTLY what I was looking for... thanks again for the great support. I am loving your product... I recommend your product to everyone I talk to and on several message boards.

—Scott, Florida, USA

Definitely was worth what I paid! Does what I expect of it and does it well.

—Ace, Virginia, USA

I just got my Streamzap remote, and I really enjoy using it. The IR link is more reliable than I expected and it's really easy to use! No fancy config, all works fine fast! Anyway, this remote really rules! I really like it, and I guess you'll have more and more orders from around Montreal as I'll publicize this amazing idea... I really enjoy this product, and even find it quite inexpensive for what we get, which is excellent.

—Yan, Quebec, Canada

Very cool device well worth the money I paid for it... great product, keep up the good work.

—Michael, South Carolina, USA

Plug it in and it works—which is exactly what a good device should do... superb web service! Keep it up.

—Eric, Florida, USA

I received the remote on Monday, and everything works well—Good stuff. Watching DVDs is so much better—the joy of being able to pause, and adjust the volume from the couch—it's the simple things in life you miss when you're trying to use the PC for everything.

—Geoff, Auckland, New Zealand

I recently purchased one of your Streamzap remotes, and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

—Bill, Florida, USA

Thanks again for a wonderful product.

—Adam, Pennsylvania, USA

First off, I love your product because it makes all my friends jealous and firmly affirms my position as an extreme geek.

—Stirling W., Canada

Given the other computer remotes I looked into, I think the Streamzap offered the best value... I could instantly use PowerDVD and Winamp with no additional setup. Very comfortable remote too... contoured well with my hand.

—Andy, Ontario, Canada

I'm very happy with the receiver being strong enough to walk through the whole room with the remote.

—Marco, Aathal, Switzerland

This is a great product and I will tell all my friends about it, plus the support has been amazing. Your type of assistance has been invaluable, and you are a credit to your company or any company for that matter.

—Dan, California, USA

Thanks again for the excellent support.

—Joseph, California, USA

The remote has done everything I expected it to do. Installation was simple... I am impressed with the reception of the receiver. The remote does not have to be pointed precisely at the little black box to work properly. That's great.

—Zach, Oklahoma, USA

Setup was a breeze. Great product.

—Thomas, California, USA

Overall the remote is a fun, convenient addition to my computing.

—Crispin, Oregon, USA

I'd like to take the time to applaud you guys... you've always responded to my emails promptly and candidly... by far the best technical support I have received from any company, period.

—Kurt L., USA

This is a very good product, lots of features, and great quality. So far, I'm very satisfied.

—Joshua, Ontario, Canada