Streamzap, Inc. is headquartered in Hood River, Oregon, an emerging high-tech and manufacturing center just outside of Portland. Hood River is nestled at the juncture of Mt. Hood, the highest mountain in Oregon (11,235 ft.), and the Columbia River Gorge. “The Gorge” is known as a worldwide destination due to its breathtaking scenery and endless outdoor recreation opportunities such as windsurfing, kayaking, biking, and skiing.

The Gorge is a home to globally known brands such as Google, Boeing, Tofurkey, DaKine, and many high-technology companies represented by the Gorge Technology Alliance.

Streamzap started at the dawn of the MP3 music revolution when founder Jonah Peskin, a senior at M.I.T. needed a way to control his growing computer-bound MP3 collection with a remote control, instead of using the keyboard to change tracks or increase the volume of a favorite tune. There was just one problem: At the time, there was no product commercially available. But Peskin had been designing circuits, robots, and computer programs since the age of 12, so he built the first prototype of the Streamzap PC Remote, and it was an instant hit in the college dorm rooms.

Seeing clear demand, Peskin teamed up with long-time friend and fellow engineer Stephen Richardson, as well as Bard Richmond, another M.I.T. alumnus who had vast experience in business, inventing, and technology, having built his own high-tech company from a three-person operation in 1983 into a 400 person public company that was aquired by Cisco Systems in 2001. The team perfected, patented, and marketed the Streamzap PC Remote at retail stores across America, and world-wide.

Having become electronics design, manufacturing and marketing experts, the team then began designing and fabricating electronics for other large name-brand businesses, steadily building a portfolio of happy customers.

The company's focus is on connecting mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) with wireless Internet-connected sensors, to create solutions for many industries. From industrial processing plants to retail sales floors, putting real-time information at peoples' fingertips makes companies more efficient and increases sales.