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Downloads: Winamp Plug-in

Here's what you can do with Winamp3 and a Streamzap PC Remote!

  • Go to any track number using the number keys (1-9999)

  • Change the playlist using the channel Up/Down buttons

  • Scroll through playlist tracks using the Up/Down arrows

  • Control Winamp when it's in the background

  • Shutdown Winamp with the EXIT button

As always, you can also adjust the volume, mute, play, pause, stop, skip tracks, fast-forward, and rewind. Here's how to get started...


Note:  This plug-in will only work with Winamp3. It will not work with earlier versions of Winamp or Winamp 5.

  1. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the Streamzap PC Remote software and driver.

  2. Download and run the plug-in installation program.


To uninstall the Streamzap Winamp3 plug-in, simply find Winamp3 in your Start menu and you will see an option to uninstall the Streamzap plug-in.