Digital Retailing


Stand Out and Demand Attention

Tired of looping video screens and static digital picture frames? So is your target customer. These days, people have far more computing power in the palm of their hand than they see in the average digital kiosk or sign. What can you do to make them take notice of your product or brand?

Two Ingredients to Modern, Compelling Digital Signage

  • A display platform that can compete with the experiences offered by cutting edge consumer products like iPhones/iPads and Android phones/tablets.
  • Interactive features that make your digital experience stand out from the crowd.

The Display Platform

The iPad is faster and more reliable than most any industrial touch-screen computer on the market. Even better, it's a fraction of the cost. Check out our SafeCase industrial-grade iPad holder, and our LocPad iPad App. Together, these products allow you to build a cutting edge touch-screen kiosk that has unprecedented performance, reliability and low cost.

Interactive Features

Streamzap is at the forefront of interactive digital retailing. We make computer systems that respond when customers approach them, or trigger events based on what the customer selects on-screen. What if you had a kiosk that says "Hello!" to your customers when they stand nearby? And when they select your product on the screen, a spotlight magically illuminates the item on the display shelf. Now you've got your customer's attention.

We are not just digital signage experts. We are electronics engineers who can develop custom sensors and immersive experiences from the ground up.

Case Study

A major bedding manufacturer needed a way to demonstrate their adjustable beds, and they asked Streamzap to engineer a solution. We developed a computer system that invited customers into a private space, dimmed the lighting to help them relax, and showed them a relaxing instructional video as the bed moved up and down to demonstrate the features.

We created a computer system that could perform all of the following in one rugged retail-ready box. The end result was an immersive experience that left customers relaxed and impressed, which led to increased sales.

Tell us about your challenging sales problems and see what we can do for you.