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PC Remote Drivers 3.0.0

The driver above is for the following 32-bit versions of Windows: Win98, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Driver development, test and support has not officially continued beyond Windows 7 or for any 64-bit versions of Windows, but we do offer some advice for getting your PC Remote working with these versions and many users have reported success:

Windows 64-bit OS Drivers

PC Remote driver updates were never officially released or supported for 64-bit version of Windows. However, as a courtesy to our loyal customers, we have released instructions and downloads that many users have used to successfully get their PC Remotes working on the 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Please refer to the following instructions with download links inside:

Windows Vista 64-bit
Windows 7 64-bit

Windows 8 Special Notes

  • When installing on 32-bit Windows 8, use the standard 32-bit Download link at top of this page.
  • When installing on 64-bit Windows 8, follow the Windows 7 64-bit instructions above.

In both 32 or 64-bit Windows 8, after installing the drivers, you will still have to tell Windows to find the Streamzap drivers in the Device Manager: Select "Streamzap" in the Device Manager and open its "Properties". In the "Driver" tab, select "Update Driver", then select "Search Automatically". Windows should then install the Streamzap drivers properly. A reboot may be required.


Girder Plug-in

Advanced users can enhance the capabilities of their Streamzap PC Remote with our Girder plug-in.

Winamp3 Plug-in

We've enhanced Winamp with our plug-in for the Streamzap PC Remote. Our plug-in gives you more remote control over Winamp than anything else on the market.

Philips Pronto Configuration File

Marco Ramundo, one of our customers from Switzerland, sent us a configuration file for the Philips Pronto learning remote. If you have a Philips Pronto, you can download the configuration file and try it.

Please keep in mind that we do not support this at all, we are simply providing it as a convenience to our customers.

Version History for Streamzap PC Remote Drivers


  • Support for all 32-bit Editions of Microsoft Windows Vista


  • New support for K!TV, Touchtone Audio System, and NVidia nStant.

  • Improved detection of Winamp 5.

  • Fixed problem with Windows Media Player 10 on some systems

  • New iTunes feature: Find songs & artists using cell-phone style text entry!

  • Improved detection of rapid-fire button presses.

  • Improved EasyWorship support.

  • Improved Cinemaster support.

  • Fixed an issue where the exit button wasn't working properly with Theatertek DVD.

  • Updated some out-of-date documentation.


  • New support for Unify Karaoke, Microsoft Windows Messenger, Picasa, and EasyWorship.

  • Improved Media Player Classic support.

  • Improved iTunes support.

  • Improved Windows Media Player 10 support when using the DFX plugin.

  • Improved Snapstream Beyond Media support.

  • Improved TV recording with ATI MultiMedia Center.

  • Fixed an issue with 2.9.4 that prevented applications from being detected correctly. It is highly recommended that all users install this update.


  • New support for AOL MusicNet, SoftSqueeze, Got All Media, Mv2Player, Live365 Player, Yahoo! LAUNCHcast, and InterVideo WinDVD Recorder.

  • Improved TheaterTek support.

  • Improved MediaPortal support.

  • Improved MusicMatch support.

  • Fixed an issue where AverTV USB wasn't being detected properly.


  • New support for DigiCasa

  • Reverted the behavior of the menu button in Windows Media Player to what it was prior to version 2.9.2 of the driver

  • New and updated documentation included with the driver release!


  • New support for Mozilla Firefox

  • Improved Windows Media Player support (tested with MP 10)

  • Improved Beyond Media support

  • Fixed an issue with the ProgDVB support where the OSD wasn't working properly


  • Improved MediaPortal support

  • Improved RealPlayer support

  • Fixed an issue where the power button didn't always work properly


  • Support for the following applications:

    Snapstream Beyond Media, Roxio DVDMAX Player, UltraDVD, GB-PVR, and dBpowerAMP.

  • Improved macro support for paths with dots and spaces

  • Fixed an issue where the power button wasn't shutting down Windows Me

  • Added the ability to launch a screensaver with the power button


  • Added support for Meedio

  • Added support for ClickView TV

  • Improved VLC support

  • Improved J.River Media Center 10 support

  • Improved PC Magazine Media Console support

  • Improved PowerDVD support


  • Added support for the newer versions of BSPlayer

  • Added support for MediaCar

  • Added support for MediaPortal

  • Added support for HelpZone.US applications

  • Improved Cyberlink PowerCinema support

  • Improved Margi DVD-to-Go support


  • Support for the following applications:

    ChrisTV, MagicDVD Player, VidLizard

  • Improved Showshifter support

  • Improved GotTV support

  • Improved WinTV2000 support

  • Improved PowerDVD support

  • Improved PowerVCR support

  • Improved SageTV support


  • Support for the following applications:

    Sasem OnAir HD Editor, ProgDVB, NeroMix, and J. River Media Center 10

  • Improved DigiTV support

  • Improved MusicMatch support

  • Improved PowerPoint support

  • Improved WinDVD 5 support

  • Improved WinTV2000 support

  • Improved GotTV support

  • Improved Creative PC-DVD Encore support


  • Support for the following applications:

    Sonique 2, FX Saver (control panel), Sonic Cineplayer, ApeJukebox, Nero Showtime, Windows Media Player 9 mini-mode, MyTheatre, and the GotTV myHTPC plugin

  • Improved SageTV support.

  • Fixed an issue where AverTV USB wasn't always working.

  • Modified the Photoshop Album support so that OK sends return and the Stop button sets the desktop background.

  • Modified the ATI MMC support so that the Exit button sends backspace (last channel).


  • Expanded 4am Music Console support.


  • Added support for Adobe Photoshop Album, VUPlayer, and SageTV Client.

  • Menu button now toggles full-screen mode in Windows Media Player.

  • Expanded 4am Music Console support.


  • Added support for the following applications:

    DigiTV, Cyberlink PowerCinema, 4am Music Console, AverTV USB, and InterVideo Home Theater

  • Expanded MusicMatch support.

  • Expanded myHTPC support.


  • Added support for the following applications:

    Sony SonicStage, Sony OpenMG, Picture Slide Show, AudioPlus, CoolCD Studio, DDBPlayer, Hero DVD Player, eXtremeMP3 Player, Mediasonde, YeahPlayer, Ace Media Player, Full Motion Video, and Muzikbrowzer

  • Improved Winamp 2 and Winamp 5 compatibility.

  • Fixed an issue with Hotwire Movie Player where the stop button wasn't working properly.

  • Improved JRiver Media Jukebox support.

  • Due to popular demand, the menu button now performs “back” in Windows XP Media Center Edition.


  • Optimized driver to greatly reduce CPU usage. We strongly recommend our customers download this upgrade.

  • Added shuffle (record button) and repeat (menu button) to Winamp3 support.

  • Added support for TVTool and DVB-TV.


  • Improved compatibility with Winamp 2 and Winamp 5.

  • Improved JetAudio functionality.


  • Added support for the following applications:

    Winamp 5, BlazeDVD Player, Core Media Player, High Criteria Total Recorder, Media Player Classic, VLC, Ulead DVD Player, NiceMC, Hotwire Movie Player, PlayCDG PE, OtsTurntables, and DVDStreamer

  • Expanded DirectDVD support to included DirectDVD 5.x.

  • Expanded JetAudio support (see our JetAudio help file for a full list of functionality).


  • Added support for the following applications:

    Margi DVD-to-Go, SageTV, Radlight, Virtuosa, Axialis AX CD Player, Cinematograph, and CDmax

  • Updated the Creative PlayCenter support to work with PlayCenter3 instead of PlayCenter2.

  • Newer versions of BSPlayer work again.

  • In BSPlayer, the channel buttons now change chapters.

  • Fixed an issue with Winfast PVR where pressing the menu button to go full-screen would also change the channel.


  • Added programmable macro buttons!

  • Added support for the following applications:

    Leadtek WinFast PVR, Pinnacle PCTV Vision, Ashampoo Media Player, Creative MediaSource, Creative PlayCenter, MediaMonkey, Dojo Media Player 2003, Quintessential Player, and Swift Ultralite MP3 & Karaoke Player

  • Added basic help files for each application we support to the included documentation. They are also available online.


  • Added support for the following applications:

    Napster, CoolPlayer, Photodex ProShow Gold, CrystalPlayer, foobar2000, ThumbsPlus, ACDSee, and vanBasco Karaoke

  • New PowerPoint functionality:

    Pressing the record button the remote now fades the screen black (equivalent of pressing B on the keyboard).

  • Updated PowerDVD functionality:

    • Previous/Next buttons now do timed fast-forward/rewind (PgUp/PgDn on the keyboard).

    • Record button on the remote now launches full-screen mode.


  • Added support for iTunes for Windows!

  • Added support for the Atomix MP3 Player.

  • Fixed an issue with ZoomPlayer where the next chapter button would go to the previous chapter.

  • Fixed an issue with Windows XP Media Center Edition where the channel buttons weren't working in the My TV section.


  • Added support for the following applications:

    BestBuy's RHAPSODY Digital Music Service, B & O Beoplayer, JetAudio, DirectDVD, InterActual, AverMedia AverStudio

  • Fixed an issue where mouse-mode stopped working when used with our Winamp3 plug-in.


  • Added support for Windows XP Media Center Edition.

  • Added support for Zinf (formerly Freeamp).

  • The power button on the remote is now configurable. The modes are:

    • Shutdown

    • Hibernate

    • Stand-by

  • Added support for MusicMatch's record button (starts a CD rip).

  • Fixed an issue with some versions of MusicMatch where the fast-forward and rewind buttons didn't work properly.


  • Added support for the following applications:

    BSPlayer, DScaler, iMesh, Kazaa, Kazaa Lite (K++), JRiver Media Center, myHTPC, NVDVD, Opera, Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition Party Mode, ShowShifter, ZoomPlayer

  • Fixed compatibility with version 1.5 of the ATI RemoteWonder driver.

  • Fixed compatibility with the Winamp3 official release (post-beta).

  • Fixed an issue where the Fast-forward and Rewind buttons were reversed with Windows Media Player.


  • Fixes for SnapStream 3.0 PVS software.

  • Fixes for InterVideo DVR.


  • Support for the Winamp3 plug-in.


  • Control your mouse cursor with the arrow buttons, including left and right mouse clicks!

  • Improved button detection for rapid fire button presses. For example, to skip ahead three songs in your playlist, just tap the next track button three times quickly.

  • Use a macro button to perform any of these new commands:

    • Cycle through open windows (alt-esc)

    • Switch between two open windows (alt-tab)

    • Toggle full-screen on/off (alt-enter)

    • Toggle mouse mode on/off

  • New or improved application support for:

    Winamp 3, ATI MultiMedia Center, RealOne, Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, TheaterTek DVD, PowerVCR II, JRiver MediaJukebox

  • Option to deactivate Application not Supported window.

  • Configurable repeat delay and repeat rate added (works just like the keyboard repeat delay and repeat rate).