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OEM Product Development

printed circuit board Did you know Streamzap can customize the color, shape, and features or our products, or develop a completely new product to meet your exact needs? If you think this is beyond your budget, think again—our low-cost manufacturing and engineering capability in Asia will save you money.

Founded by M.I.T. engineers, Streamzap has assembled a network of electronic and mechanical design experts to tackle the hardest parts of your design. Our engineers are consultants or former employees of premier electronics manufacturers like Microsoft, Logitech, and LG Electronics. We then perform prototyping, tooling and manufacturing with our partners in Asia, to keep costs low. We take products from concept, to prototypes, to full production. We also manage compliance testing (FCC/CE/UL) and quality control at every step.

In addition to our own consumer PC Remote, we make products for security systems, medical equipment, commercial airlines, and more. Ask about our diverse experience!

Have your product designed & manufactured by the experts

Most product design firms are capable when it comes to developing a prototype that works. But they have very little knowledge about the actual cost of parts, materials and assembly in Asia. When you're developing a low-cost product, that knowledge is an essential part of the design. How can you trust a company that doesn't manufacture products in Asia to make decisions that will reduce your production cost? Our design decisions take into account every stage of manufacturing.

Does Streamzap own factories in Asia?

Today, even the largest electronics companies don't own factories in Asia—it is much more cost effective to use contract manufacturers who bid against each other for your business. But how do you know which contract manufacturer you can trust? Oftentimes a seemingly trustworthy company can leave you hanging when they receive a bigger order from another customer and have to push your project to the back of the production line. Since Streamzap produces its own products in Asia, we command the attention that you need from contract manufacturers, and we have existing relationships with trustworthy suppliers. We also have quality control engineers on-site in Taiwan and China to ensure that production goes perfectly.

What is Streamzap's expertise?

  • Mobile device accessories (WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE)
  • Mobile Apps (iPhone/iPad, Android, HTML5/PhoneGap)
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Cellular Internet-connected devices (M2M)
  • Cloud Hosted Web Services (Amazon Web Services)
  • USB Devices
  • Remote Controls (Infrared or RF)
  • Microsoft Windows Device Drivers and Apps (Win32 and .NET)
  • Embedded Linux (ARM)
  • Sensors (temperature, vibration, flow, pressure, weigh scales, etc.)
  • Motor Control (robotic/interactive devices)

What Can We Make for You?

Contact our business development team to explore a business partnership with us, or for reseller inquiries, marketing partnerships, advertising initiatives, technology and licensing.