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LocPad - Keep Visitors and Users Where You Want Them

LocPad is an easily-configurable browser application that allows you to display your website full-screen while locking-out other websites, keeping your visitors and users where you want them.

A perfect solution for kiosks, trade shows, and event marketing, LocPad proves that ease-of-use, control, and peace-of-mind don't need to cost more than you can afford. Learn more about configuring LocPad.

What You Can Do with LocPad

LocPad is a special web browser application that gives you control over which websites can be viewed from an iPad. This enables a business to provide iPads to customers or employees, without any concern that they will browse away from authorized corporate websites or web applications. No more worries that employees or customers will play games, movies, or waste time surfing the web. Here are just a few ways to use LocPad:

  • Use LocPad as an iPad-based touch-screen kiosk at a retail store to display sales information, promotions, or an interactive website.
  • Provide iPads to sales people for demonstration purposes in the field or on the retail floor when interacting with customers.
  • Send an iPad to a prospective customer for a sales demonstration, but disable all other iPad features so that the user can only use your presentation.
  • Configure an iPad to be child-safe web by disabling the Safari web browser and creating a custom home page and whitelist consisting of child-friendly websites.

Many Features, Easily Configured

Streamzap's experience with User Interface (UI) design helped ensure that LocPad's many features and settings would be easily configured. There is nothing technical to learn, and you'll be deploying your own mobile kiosk within minutes. See how LocPad is easy to use.