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LocPad Features and Configuration

Key Features

  • Create a "whitelist" of allowed websites.
  • Create a "full screen" web browser, where the website looks like an iPad App, and the end user does not even know it is a web browser (address bar, navigation controls, etc. are not visible).
  • Store your web content on the iPad, so that no Internet connection is required at all.

Getting Started

The first step in using LocPad is to familiarize yourself with the built-in "Restrictions" feature of your iPad. These Restrictions are provided by Apple primarily for parental controls, to prevent kids from using Safari, YouTube, or the App Store to view adult content. However, you will need to enable these restrictions to prevent your users from loading these applications for entertainment purposes, rather than the intended corporate use of the iPad. Review your iPad Settings -> General -> Restrictions screen. We recommend configuring the iPad as shown here, to turn off many of the built-in entertainment applications, like Safari, YouTube, and iTunes. You will need to enter a PIN number when you enable restrictions (This PIN is required, should you wish to disable them in the future).

Before you turn OFF Installing Apps, use the App Store to add or remove Apps that you would like your end user to be able to access (be sure to install LocPad!).

Configuring LocPad

Now it's time to configure LocPad to allow access only to specific website(s). Launch LocPad and quickly look for the "Settings" button in the lower right corner of your screen (Hurry, it will disappear after 5 seconds! If you missed it, just press the Home button on your iPad and launch LocPad again). As part of the Settings process, you will specify a password that the end user must type in order to access the Settings in the future. Only LocPad administrators should be given this password. When you do not tap the Settings button, LocPad will go into web browsing mode after 5 seconds. If you have not yet setup a Start Page, the browser will simply display this user guide.

When first using LocPad, you will want to experiment with various settings options. To do this, simply press the "Done" button after configuring the desired settings. You will then enter the restricted web browsing mode that the end user will normally see. As long as you have Show Navigation Controls turned ON, then you will see a Settings icon (cog wheel) that allows you to return to the Settings page. Note that if you start LocPad and do not immediately enter the Settings screen, then LocPad will enter web browsing mode and will NOT display the cog wheel icon.

In this example, LocPad is configured to start web browsing at

And by clicking on the "Whitelist" option, you are able to configure other allowed URLs, such as those shown here:

In the above example, is a web page that would contain links to and

Note that the Start Page is always automatically whitelisted and does not need to be manually added to the Whitelist.