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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm having a problem installing or using my PC Remote, what should I do?

Check our support knowledgebase first, and if that doesn't answer your question(s), please contact us.

Does the Streamzap PC Remote work with <insert application here>?

Please see our list of supported applications. If the application in question is not listed there, it is unlikely supported. However, we do welcome requests for support of new applications (see the next question).

Can I request support for my favorite application?

Of course! Please send the name of the application, the version number, the name of the company that makes the application, and a URL where we can find additional information about it to

I don't have a credit card, can I still buy a Streamzap PC Remote?

Yes, you can! In addition to credit card payments, we also can accept payment by check or money order. Please print our PDF order form and mail it to us with your payment. You order will be shipped as soon as your payment has been deposited at our bank. If you still have questions, write to customer service.

Are the Streamzap PC Remote and receiver sold separately?

No, they are not. This is due to the way the items are packaged during manufacturing. It is currently impossible for us to remove a receiver from the existing packaging without completely damaging the remaining packaging.

Can I use the receiver with my PDA, cell phone, or other device?

No, you cannot. Most infrared devices use the IrDA protocol, which is designed for high-speed, short-range transmission. Remote control signals are designed for long-range operation, and are very different from IrDA port signals. Therefore, you cannot use the Streamzap PC Remote or its infrared receiver with your IrDA-enabled device.

Which operating systems are officially supported?

Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 (all versions), Windows XP (all versions), and Windows 2003.

Does the Streamzap PC Remote work with Mac operating systems?

Currently, the Streamzap PC Remote is Microsoft Windows compatible only. However, we're following the Apple market closely as it relates to digital music, and don't rule anything out for the future.

Does the Streamzap PC Remote work with Linux?

We're pleased to say that support for our PC Remote is built into the Linux Infrared Remote Control (LIRC) project. Simply download and install the latest version of Lirc and you should be all set! With Lirc, you can also use our IR receiver to detect signals from other remotes or devices (NOT IrDA devices). Keep in mind that we do not yet officially offer end-user technical support for Linux, but we would definitely like to hear from you if you are using our PC Remote with Linux.

How do I start the introductory slideshow again?

Start menu -> Programs -> Streamzap -> Remote -> Intro Slideshow

Can I use a universal remote control with the infrared receiver?

There are a few models of the One-for-All universal remotes that can be upgraded by One-for-All's customer service department to include the codes. The model numbers (without a built-in modem) that can be upgraded are:

  • URC-6011
  • URC-6011W
  • URC-6012
  • URC-8010
  • URC-8011
  • URC-8810
  • URC-8811
  • URC-6131

Note:  If you have a model without a modem, you will need to send your remote to One-for-All to have the codes added. If you have a model with a built-in modem, One-for-All's customer service can update it over the phone.

There are also a few models that have a built-in modem. Those models can be upgraded by calling One-for-All's customer service department. The model numbers that include modems are:

  • URC-8910
  • URC-9910
  • URC-9960
  • RadioShack Kameleon (15-2133)

You can reach the customer service department for One-for-All at 330-405-8615. Ask for Video Accessory 1309 when you call.

One-for-All universal remotes with the Streamzap PC Remote codes built-in should be available in stores by the end of the year.

Can my learning remote learn the codes from the Streamzap PC Remote?

Yes, it should be able to. We've had confirmed reports that it does indeed work with the Philips Pronto and a Sony learning remote (sorry, we don't have the model name or number of the Sony).

Marco Ramundo, one of our customers from Switzerland, sent us a configuration file for the Philips Pronto remote. If you own that remote and would like to try his configuration file, you can find it on our downloads page.

Can I use the Streamzap PC Remote to control my PC if it's in another room?

You can if you purchase a wireless remote extender/repeater. We've had reports that Radio Shack's Wireless Remote Extender (model #1501950) works well. The LF-UNIV and LF-IRX products by TERK Technologies should also work.

What do I do if I have a question that isn't answered here?

Check our support knowledgebase to see if it's been answered there. If it hasn't been, please see our contact information to direct your inquiry to the appropriate department.